Aluminum sliding and folding doors

Functional and user-friendly opening types are very important requirements that need to be considered in the design phase of your building. EWG extensive range of sliding and folding aluminum doors come in an extensive variety of opening possibilities suiting almost every possible need, which results in a maximal level of users satisfaction.

Doors opening method needs to be adapted to both the positioning of the element in the building, and to the way in which you want to use it. This often varies for every building type and depends on the requirements of the end-user. With its extensive range of opening possibilities, EWG fulfills every technical requirement.

Offering a huge amount choice when it comes to style, size and design, all of our bespoke products are built on site in our bifold door factory and installed with your individual needs in mind.

Manufactured to optimise security, flexibility, and functionality, without compromising on aesthetic appeal, all of our doors are made to measure and are available with a choice of internal and external security handles, as well as a variety of glazing and pane options.

Our high quality powder coated aluminium folding doors have been expertly manufactured in order to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Powder coating involves applying a powdered polymer to an aluminium surface in order to create a smooth, durable finish that enhances durability and maximises the lifespan of folding doors, while optimising aesthetics.

The process is becoming increasingly popular, especially when it comes to enhancing bifolding doors and adding a layer of protection to ensure they’re perfectly equipped to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Our triple glazed aluminium sliding doors offer outstanding thermal and acoustic performance – qualities that are essential in any home environment.

Perfect for a range of living environments, our sliding doors are also extremely energy efficient, making them perfect for keeping your household bills down, and of course, keeping your home warm and toasty all year round.

Renowned for their long term performance and durability, our bespoke triple glazed aluminium sliding doors can be designed to meet your individual requirements when it comes to size, colour and style – allowing you to create the best aluminium sliding doors for your home.

Slimline aluminium sliding doors are perfect for creating an inviting entrance to your property. With their narrow frame and low density metal, slimline sliding doors offer outstanding strength and durability, without imposing on the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Ultra slim aluminium sliding doors can be designed and installed with your exact design requirements in mind and can be tailored to match both your interior and exterior decor.

Allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted access to the outside of your property and stunning views of your outdoor space when closed, these small sliding doors also come in a range of different colours and sizes, offering optimum flexibility and versatility when it comes to enhancing your property.

Sustainable Building

As a provider of unprecedented energy efficient windows and doors we offer the most energy efficient windows available on the market today. If you are interested in a net zero or passive building, contact us and we will explain how our products achieve U factors of 0.09.

EWG windows and doors are Passive House Institute (PHIUS) certified and we have a wide range of windows and doors to satisfy any building style. According to PHIUS, passive buildings cuts energy consumption by 60-80 percent compared to code buildings. Certified passive buildings provide superior comfort, indoor air quality, and resilience.

We design windows according to your specific needs. Along with our wide product range, choice of materials and finishes we have the knowledge, skills, expertise and resources to help you develop the optimal solution for your project.

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