Aluminum Windows & Doors

To match the different building types, the system is covering complete range of solutions for all types of inward and outward opening which is available in a variety of aesthetic styles: Functional, Softline and Hidden Vent.

The system’s performance regarding acoustics, water and air tightness, but also for specific requirements like Bullet and Fire Resistance, meets the most severe European standards. Moreover, it’s available in different burglar resistance levels (class 2 & 3) making it an extremely secure system.

Aluminum windows

Ultimate combination possibilities with sliding system and ventilation units, make it extremely suitable for all types of building concepts, even with the highest safety requirements.

The fireproof range is available as outward opening single and double doors, panic doors, combined fixed window elements as well as glazed partition walls. This extensive range of configurations offers a huge range of options and combinations for architects to work with.

Aluminum sliding doors

Hurricane Proof Windows

Hurricane windows are engineered to withstand more extreme weather conditions than windows with standard glass. A strong hurricane glass, also called laminated glass, is installed in place of the standard window glass. Hurricane glass is designed for extreme wind speeds to protect against wind-borne debris.

While hurricane windows and impact windows are very similar, there are a few unique differences that set them apart. Impact windows protect your home from flying debris and wind, while hurricane windows take it one step further. Hurricane windows are often constructed to meet specific building codes and local requirements. Impact-resistant windows exceeds the Florida Building Code’s strictest requirements, including for homes in the high velocity hurricane zone.

Hurricane impact glass features a strong polymer layer located between the panes of glass. When a storm arrives, wind and wind-borne debris can cause damage to your home and windows. If a window breaks, the wind can pressurize the home and can cause severe damage, possibly even lifting the roof and damaging the structural integrity of your home. Hurricane impact glass combined with reinforced hurricane window frames makes the entire window much stronger. Even if some glass does break, the laminated layer holds the glass in place. The heavy-duty strength of hurricane window frames also helps prevent them from bending or cracking during a storm.
In addition to window protection from hurricanes, impact windows also provide noise insulation, block UV rays and provide additional home security.

They come in different sizes and shapes so they perfectly fulfill the look of your house.


Wooden Luxury Windows & Doors

If you are looking for high quality windows that meet the highest aesthetic demands, offer quiet, warm and safe living comfort combined with innovative and unique design, we have solutions for you. EWG windows can meet any design challenges and inspirations by using state-of-the-art technology that combine professional craftsmanship and modern standards. With our high attention to details and using the best machinery available, custom made wooden windows perfectly fits into modern properties where highest standards are expected.

Unique windows solutions

If you are looking for innovative and unique door solutions, call us and we will make your dream come true. EWG soundproof doors guarantee high energy-efficiency and safety. Custom wood door can be customized to your precise needs that fits your aesthetic. Choose from unfinished, prefinished, or a distressed finish to match your preference, or add in hurricane strength bracing if you want to up your door’s security and strength.

We are also prepared to handle even the heaviest heritage projects in which the windows and doors must keep the traditional look.

Unique doors solutions

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Here is how our clients realized their dreams and made their homes stand out.

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Luxury roof deck transformation

We have provided turnkey solution to transform the roof deck into custom luxury living space. We used special curved glass to blend with the building design. The result has greatly increased client’s living space and increased value of the residence.


Unique glass: we used a heated roof glass to melt unwanted snow that blocks the sunlight.

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