Aluminum windows


Aluminum is extremely durable. It is not affected by UV rays or moisture and doesn’t corrode or rot. These are the main reasons why the material is used in buildings for a very long time. The lifecycle of aluminum windows and doors has an average of over 40 years, but lifecycles of over 60 years are no exceptions.

During these long lifecycles, our solutions contribute to the energy efficiency of the building. Our continuous focus on energy-efficient solutions is used in low energy or even energy-neutral homes and buildings. Aluminum windows have excellent insulating and performing properties which reduce the environmental impact of new and existing buildings. Thanks to the high stability of aluminum frames, the large window surfaces allow for abundant solar gains, reducing the need for lighting and heating, and bringing comfort inside the buildings. And last but not least, the low maintenance of aluminum windows and doors avoids additional environmental impact during their lifecycle.

Choosing EWG aluminum windows means investing in:

  • Energy efficient solutions.
  • Durable solutions with low maintenance.
  • Use of low carbon aluminum.
  • End of life recycling of aluminum.
  • Future improvements to reduce the carbon footprint of aluminum.


Aluminum windows are far less prone to warping; they are weather-proof, corrosion-resistant, and immune to the harmful effects of UV rays, ensuring optimal performance with a long lifespan. Their strong window frames will last longer than wood and vinyl frames.

As opposed to wood, aluminum does not warp or decay. Additionally, paint touchups are not needed. Aluminum is strong enough to bear the load of window lintels with minimal reinforcement. Aluminum windows are virtually maintenance free and are much better at stopping noise than vinyl windows. Since they are three times heavier and many times stronger than Vinyl. Also, aluminum windows are best when you’re opting for the soundless feature due to the fact that they can support heavier glazing than other solutions.


Αluminium frames are the solution that will provide you with very robust doors and windows and, therefore, increased security and long-term durability. In case of high temperature fluctuations, they do not warp in the long term, a fact that is very important in regions with a lot of sunshine and high temperatures during the summer. This is why they offer highly exact dimensions that remain unaltered and are not prone to expansions and contractions. Thus, maximum tightness against air and water and a perfect fit between the frame and the window’s sash is achieved. Also, aluminium frames’ robustness allows for the creation of large spans for maximum natural light, with no danger of frames bending or twisting, as is often the case with other, weaker materials. Even in very thin profiles, a double sash aluminium door can bear more than 1000 kilos! Lastly, in case of fire, aluminium windows don’t help it spread and in fact, they limit it. Aluminium, in contrast to other materials, absorbs and removes a large portion of the heat produced by fires. When aluminium does melt, at 660 degrees Celsius, it slows down the speed of fire, without creating flammable or toxic gasses.

Sustainable Building

As a provider of unprecedented energy efficient windows and doors we offer the most energy efficient windows available on the market today. If you are interested in a net zero or passive building, contact us and we will explain how our products achieve U factors of 0.09.

EWG windows and doors are Passive House Institute (PHIUS) certified and we have a wide range of windows and doors to satisfy any building style. According to PHIUS, passive buildings cuts energy consumption by 60-80 percent compared to code buildings. Certified passive buildings provide superior comfort, indoor air quality, and resilience.

We design windows according to your specific needs. Along with our wide product range, choice of materials and finishes we have the knowledge, skills, expertise and resources to help you develop the optimal solution for your project.

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